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Digital Marketing Services

Need a boost with your digital efforts? Not sure if everything is setup correct? Are you accounts optimized to reach your goals? Do all your digital channels support each other? At FunnelCake, we will work with you to develop a plan to ensure your digital strategy is solid, yet nimble to pivot  through the next big digital change. We will assess channels you already have setup as well as channels you might not have considered, yet. We also take a look at what your competitors are doing as well as best practice for your industry. We’ll love to learn more about your business. Contact us today to get more details.


Social Media Services

Is your craft Facebook page set-up properly? Do people love to engage with your new post about your next honey varietal? Is your art displayed on your Instagram so people can easily shop? FunnelCake conducts deep-dive assessments on your social media channels, as well as your competitors to ensure you are the best of the best. We take your business goals and use social media to accelerate those with an action-packed strategy. *Please note social media consulting is included in digital consulting services. Contact us today to get more details. We’re here to help you grow.


  • Seconding, Kate McPike's post regarding Anna, Funnelcake Marketing. Anna was fantastic in helping me hone in on areas of social media for my business that would not only be helpful, but actually feasible in my daily tasks. I am an artist (muralist/decorative finisher) who is learning how to use "Instagram" and "Canva." These are two fairly easy, viable, image-related mediums. Thank you, Anna

  • I'd like to give a huge shout out to Anna Ebert of Funnel Cake Social Media Architecting for helping me find my way on social media.  During our time together we went over my website and possible changes for becoming more visible on Google, Face Book suggestions to get more likes and visits, Instagram and Twitter (oh, I need to add a description of what I do?--duh!).  Thanks Anna!  You helped tremendously.