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Social Media Management

1-on-1 Training

You are a maker, a crafter, a builder. You make or grow things with your own bare hands. You are inspirational and hard working. Just imagine with our powers combined, what kind of positive impact we could make on the world. We’re in this together. We’ve totally got this. Join forces with our community today.

Let’s get crafty with your social media. Contact us today to get started!

Online Training

Community Training: Makers, crafters & farmers are their own unique people. We created an online community where you can get real-time updates, training, group questions & real life examples, all in one place. (Not to mention, making #connections!), just for those whose passion is working with their hands. Join us today-we’re all here for you.

In-person Training

1 on 1: Customized just for you, your unique business needs & goals. We’re in this together. Let’s do this!

Small Group: DIY’ers hang together and we LOVE that! Let’s get together, and work through each of your unique social plans & learn from each other.

Large Group: Belong to an organization of do-er’s? You with your passion and us with our social, we’re unstoppable. We customize trainings just for your group so you walk away with actionable and relevant to do’s.


  • Seconding, Kate McPike's post regarding Anna, Funnelcake Marketing. Anna was fantastic in helping me hone in on areas of social media for my business that would not only be helpful, but actually feasible in my daily tasks. I am an artist (muralist/decorative finisher) who is learning how to use "Instagram" and "Canva." These are two fairly easy, viable, image-related mediums. Thank you, Anna

  • I'd like to give a huge shout out to Anna Ebert of Funnel Cake Social Media Architecting for helping me find my way on social media.  During our time together we went over my website and possible changes for becoming more visible on Google, Face Book suggestions to get more likes and visits, Instagram and Twitter (oh, I need to add a description of what I do?--duh!).  Thanks Anna!  You helped tremendously.



With over 10 years of digital marketing experience, Anna Ebert is the lead trainer and co-owner at FunnelCake: Social Media. As a recognized talent in non-profit, pharma, higher education & more, Anna has utilized her experience and deep understanding of digital communities to develop corporate training programs. Anna is a traveler, entrepreneur, speaker and has presented at the industry leading conferences including Phoenix Start-Up Week, NAFSA and Scottsdale Chamber on topics such as Social Media Basics for Businesses, Opening New Audience Channels and lead Twitter chats on topics ranging from A to Z.

We work with a large variety of makers, crafters, DIY’ers & farmers. We specialize in working with those who love to create and grow with their own two hands, which could include:

  • Wineries
  • Artisans
  • Painters
  • Beekeepers
  • Vegetable Farmers
  • Noodle Chefs
  • Woodworkers
  • Beauty Products
  • Jewelers
  • Sewers & Knitters
  • Brewers
  • Crafts
  • Yoga Studios
  • Can’t wait for the more to come…